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Increase your profit from online sales through efficient back-end and order management 
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Make your website profitable – let Naranga turn it into sales instrument

Grow online presence, be accessible for any location and efficient for your customers

Upgrade your website

Make it bring you online orders, customers, and profit 

Start selling online

Your clients are online, get them easily by being accessible online

Online ordering and payment

Do not make your client go to an offline store during the pandemic, offer your goods and services online

No shopping hours restrictions

Day or night – collect your orders automatically and let your customers use your website 24/7  
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Tariq Farid

Tariq Farid

Founder and CEO of Edible®

Tariq Farid
The Naranga team manages Edible Arrangements $400+ million E-commerce platform. Like each franchise brand, franchise E-commerce is very different and Naranga has the expertise and custom tech stack that’s perfect for any size franchise organization, including connected delivery cloud/app, cloud POS and store-level product and service management or what we call availability. Each franchisee location is different and Naranga brings it all together!

E-commerce website is fast and cost-efficient solution for any type of franchise

Spread your orders among locations
Accept payments on the website
Use efficient Lead management and Operations management tools
Grow your customers network as well as number of franchisees
Location-based reports and real-time tracking progress
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We live in a world of services and each of them is one click away

44% growth of US E-commerce in 2020

The pandemic has changed consumer spending habits towards online shopping. According to the market trends, the numbers in US are close to 50%. Stay on top of it and use it for your own profit.

  • Increase online presence by creating an efficient and easy-to-use E-commerce website.
  • Grow a number of online orders by acquiring customers on the internet.
  • Protect your business from going bankrupt by moving part of it online. Lockdowns do not affect the internet.
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Essential for franchise business

The website as a visiting card has gone. It is a powerful sales instrument for any type of business, including franchising. Following the trends will help you to stay on top of things.

  • Do not lose your clients and franchisees while staying offline. Get them online and get the best out of it.
  • Distribute orders among different locations without visiting specific stores.
  • Let your clients pay online on the website and provide them with high level customer support and delivery.
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What does Naranga offer?

Get the most affordable and full-featured sales platform for your franchise business. We cooperate with high qualified developers from Eastern Europe and are ready to offer you the perfect combination of terms and price.

  • Order an audit of your existing website to check its weak points and get an improvement plan.
  • Get an E-commerce website built from scratch according to your request.
  • Before signing a deal, communicate through all the details with your personal manager.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Still holding against online? You will stay after seeing the benefits

Yes, it does. The events of 2020 forced people to choose online over offlineYour customers are already there (both clients and franchisees). It’s essential to make your business/store available in all the places they are spending their time. With a proper E-commerce website, you get profit, quick order processing, and loyal customers. 

Website audit and upgrading for existing platformsE-commerce website development for new businesses who are going to go online 
Other than that, we have the perfect software for Lead management, Operations Management, Online training, and Field audits for any type and any size of the franchise. 

Cost efficiency and fast work. We are proud to be the most affordable solution on the market. We work for franchise business only; we understand your business needs and we are ready to offer you the results you are expecting to get. There are no prices in the US as ours, there are no results as fast as we provide. 

The term depends on your request and your type of franchise. It depends on whether you have an existing website or need it to be done from scratch. Please contact our sales manager to discuss your request in detail. 

There is no single answer to this question. The price is fully customizable and depends on the size of your franchise, on your request, and the time frame you need it to be done. Please contact our sales manager or fill the form below to discuss it in detail. 

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Naranga is your digital transformation partner

Digital delivery: we are highly rated by thousands of customers all over the world
“Our operations team loved how simple and intuitive the interface of Naranga’s central operations software flowed. They were also impressed at how configurable the software is, as opposed to the system we currently work with where we are locked down with a demand for extremely high fees for customization and support.” 
Renee Maloney
Co-owner and CFO, Painting with Twist
“We initially met Naranga at IFA earlier this year. We were impressed with the simple and intuitive interface of all solutions, and that they could provide us a one-stop shop for many facets of operating our business.” 
John Bornoty
Project Manager, The Big Salad
“Naranga is a user-friendly, understandable, and easy to use franchise management software. It gives us full control over our locations, accounts, and operations and provides us with extensive training libraries. Moreover, kudos to the customer success team at Naranga for being super cooperative and amazing to provide us with professional training.”
Veronica Gallardo
CEO, Veronica's Franchise

“Amazing Support and Implementation Process” 

Overall: The staff at Naranga is responsive, understanding, and quick to address any questions on concerns. The platform is clean, organized, and easy to navigate. It appeals to the eye and intrigues one to want to know more about its functionality. The modules provide quick access to information needed on a day to day basis. Glad we decided to explore options of what else was out there and provide our staff and franchisees with this great new technology.  Pros: Clean Organized Easy to Navigate 
Natalie N.
Franchise Recruitment Coordinator

“Great customer service and relationship-focused company.” 

Pros: Ease of use and the fact that development is flexible to our needs and updates have been made to customize based on our feedback.  Cons: Some of the modules are not available on the phone app. It would be great to be able to access our library documents and training videos on the app. 
Joe Z.
Director of Operations

“Excellent product and just what we need.” 

Pros: The ease of use, the features for brand-wide communication, and the price are unbeatable. Plus, I love the modern fit and feel of the product.  Cons: That it doesn’t work with Gmail’s two-step verification or Okta. Because of that, none of the syncing of calendars or emails has worked yet. 
Kevin C.
Director of Communication and Missions
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