Refer a client to Naranga and get rewarded!


Recommendation based on experience – is there anything more reliable? Naranga has a perfect offer for those who already tried our service. Refer someone to Naranga and get a 10% Discount on your 3 Monthly Bills if they end up signing with us!

Ask franchise owners you know about their ways to organize their franchise operations and refer them to use the most affordable Franchise and Lead Management solution on the market (which is Naranga). Sounds simple, right?

Learn more how you can benefit from our referral program

You can recommend any type and any size of franchise. If the recommendation was made for an already existing customer such identification cannot be qualified for a referral scheme.

You can refer as many clients as you wish. With each successful referral, you will get a 10% discount for the next 3 months.

Fill the form on the right and refer a franchiser to use our system. If they end up signing with us, we’ll contact you and discuss further steps. To make it quicker, feel free to let us know about your referral via separate e-mail.