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Your all-in-one lead management and franchise sales CRM for a hassle-free process. Capture, nurture and convert business leads into sales
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400+ companies who perform better with Naranga

Your Automated Lead Management Solution

Efficient lead capturing mechanism
Quick tracking of the critical information
Detailed reports and extensive lists
Automated text and email replies
Follow up
Centralized location for lead tracking and sales performance

Enhance The Efficiency of Sales Team With a Marketing Automation Tool

Smart Lead Capturing

Naranga provides you with automated lead processing. The details of interested franchisees are fetched and maintained in a centralized list. Manage leads the way you want to with the help of flexible lead tracking features.

  • Easy to use CRM dashboard
  • One-to-one leads assignment
  • Lead scoring and automated tracking of leads pipeline
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From Lead to Franchisee

Naranga enables lead tracking status in the sales funnel and allows pipeline management. The system caters to all the queued-up leads through personalized follow-up reminders and prioritizes leads through lead scoring techniques.

  • Scheduled email follow-ups through blast or drip campaigns
  • Customizable email templates for personalization
  • Automated workflows and lead prioritization, auto-text replies
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Automated Handoff From Sales to Operations

Naranga allows you to focus on business growth through efficient pipeline management and automatic task tracking. Save time by investing more on making deals rather than exhausting yourself with data entries.

  • Automatic and customized email replies
  • Real time alerts on sales and marketing activity, ROI tracking
  • Integration between emaximation and ncompass
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How Naranga Solves Your Problems

Grow your business and ensure brand consistency

Lead management

Attract potential franchisees and enhance the efficiency of sales team

Operations management

Onboard new franchisees, centralize visibility, maintain brand standards and more in one place

Online training

Brand standards above all. Connect and share training resources with your franchisees

Field Audits

Efficient solution to track, measure and correct inconsistencies. Fast and effortless
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Tried and Tested: Over 1000 Reviews

Naranga is highly rated by thousands of customers all over the world

“Works for recruiters as well” 

Overall: I could not locate some of the leads which I thought I inputted into the system. I put in a trouble ticket and the support staff quickly responded and went above and beyond to make sure it was tailored to my needs and specifications to help me do better in my current position. I would recommend this system and the support staff to anyone looking for a great lead generation database for their business.  Pros: Very detailed software. Easy to input and locate information. The tech support is amazing!  Cons: Nothing as a con about the software. I just needed more training in ways to efficiently utilize the system. 
Adeline P.
Professional Recruiter

“E Max Review” 

Overall: E Max is a great system for franchise development. It allows us to manage our prospects through the sales process keeping us on top of all information.  Pros: Our company is in the process of moving from Illinois to Texas under new ownership. There is a great deal of information to manage and we have new people who were not familiar with the system. E Max is very easy to learn and use. You will be using it like a pro in no time!  Cons: I honestly don’t have any dislikes at this time. That is hard to believe with the software but it is true! 
Rick C.

“Naranga – Solid Platform, Powered By A Great Team” 

Overall: What do you think? Operating 12 franchise brands can be daunting when it comes to communicating with franchise leads, but Naranga has proven to be a reliable solution. Their team worked with us to develop a platform that allows us to easily connect with leads via mobile text. Using their CRM has cut down costs on our sales team based on the automation and ease of use. I would highly recommend them to any franchisor. 
Scott M.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, you can track your leads with our special feature. As well as tracking you can manage groups or send emails and much more.

Yes, you can. We have a special feature that lets you run email campaigns for your leads.

Through integration with Twilio, you can send text messages to your candidates directly.

Yes, we do. We have applications for both iOS and Android for all of our features to make sure you always have all you need to manage your franchise business effectively.

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