45% of franchises face this problem. How to avoid it?

By Naranga

The lack of clear support and teaching from a franchisor triggers 45% of franchises failing. Remember that you are not only the franchise owner – you are also a mentor, and the franchisee is paying for a working business scheme. But even the most thoughtful concept can work poorly if the franchisee doesn't understand how to use it. Therefore, spare no time and resources for training and support. In this article, we'll tell you how franchisees can quickly get to the heart of the matter and what franchisors should do for this. 

Franchisees are like your children


The learning phase can be compared to laying the foundation for a house. If the training is carried out correctly, then the house (your franchise business) will last for centuries, supported by a strong foundation. That’s why full support for franchise partners begins with training. 

The partner should immerse themselves in the product and the work process. The franchisor should understand that training must be structured in such a way as to teach partners to: 

  • take management decisions; 
  • personally control the business; 
  • monitor all the processes related to the activities of the franchise point. 

If the franchisee conducts their business thinking through every step and with complete confidence, then success is guaranteed. 


What should the franchisor teach the franchisee?


The success of a franchise network primarily depends on the actions of the franchisor. That is why the franchisor should pay special attention to partners’ training: 

  1. Business processes. Depending on the field of activity, theoretical provisions, legislative framework, training in equipment handling, etc. may be included. Usually, this stage is divided into several others.
  2. Standards and regulations. These should include a corporate greeting, standards for communicating with clients, processing requests, carrying out work, etc.
  3. Corporate uniform. Dress code instructions that explain the company's standards for employees’ appearance.
  4. Testing and certification. Testing can be carried out after each stage of training. In the end, employees pass the final certification and receive certificates.

It is important to understand that the learning process does not end here. Most questions arise when a partner comes face to face with the job. To support your franchisee 7 days a week, use a convenient CRM system where you can answer all their questions. The answers will be saved in the history of correspondence and the franchisee will always be able to find what they need. 


2 main components of proper online training


Convenient learning format 

Naranga provides modern yet easy-to-use training software. You can upload images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png), videos (.mp4, .mov, .mp2, .avi), pdf files, or other content pieces — users receive instant notifications about the latest updates. Support participants at every stage of the course and answer their questions to lend a helping hand in due time.


Create tests to assess students’ knowledge and skills. To do this, write down questions with multiple choice answers. For correct answers, marks are set, which then provides the final score for obtaining a certificate.

How does Naranga solve your problem?


Maintain your brand standards by safely sharing training resources with your franchisees using the online training system from Naranga. Prepare all training materials, upload them to the database and control the learning process. Online Training System from Naranga is an intelligent all-in-one system that includes: 

  • Library. Unlimited resource storage for all new or outdated content. 
  • Videos. Instantly record, upload, and distribute training videos to your team members. 
  • Security. Keep your privacy intact via content encryption. 
  • Monitoring. Pie charts and location-based real-time statistics. 
  • Managing. Effectively assign, track and monitor training progress. 

Focus on working with franchisees while we take care of the technical side. You can add lessons, create questionnaires, and expand the knowledge base. You no longer need to look for a separate service for each task. Instead of a conclusion  A strong training program can ensure that your franchisees and their employees follow your methods and rules. To create this strong program use software from Naranga with a simple and understandable data loading system, support, and knowledge testing. We are ready to support your franchise business in other issues as well.

Learn how to create the best franchise online training with our help. Contact us here or reach out at info@naranga.com.