1. What is Naranga?

Naranga is an all-in-one ERP solution for Franchising Industry to ensure Organizational Growth and Brand Consistency. It helps you streamline your operations, manage leads, train your franchisees, provide support, and conduct field audits all in one place.

2. How can I customise Ncompass Dashboard?

  •  In the Dashboard screen, click on the “Add New” button.
  •  From the popped up “widgets” window, add widgets you wish to see on the dashboard.

3. How can I check the status of generated ticket?

You can check the status of the generated ticket through the “help desk”.

  • Go to “help desk” and then click on the “inbox” widget
  • Inbox shows the list of generated tickets through which the status of tickets can be tracked.

4. How to resolve the tickets raised in help desk?

  • Go to Help Desk > Inbox
  • From Inbox, select the ticket you want to resolve.
  • Click on “Edit” icon and resolve or process ticket accordingly.

5. How do I add/edit/delete location documents?

  • Go to the “Library” section
  • Then click on the “documents” tab
  • From the opened window of “categories”, you can add new documents.
  • You can edit the already uploaded documents, by clicking on the Edit/Delete options underneath the files.

6. Can I integrate my system with a POS terminal?

Yes, you can integrate any POS program with Ncompass.

7. How can I assign leads to sales agent?

  • Go to the candidate profile.
  • Change the current owner to the new sales agent.

8. How to customise reports according to my requirements?

  • Go to the reports tab
  • Click on Reports designer and customize accordingly.

9. From where can I know about the status of my prospects?

  • Go to Candidates profile
  • Click on the sales status and its updated

10. How can I manage scheduled tasks?

Scheduled tasks and meetings are integrated with all the major calendar providers (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo ).

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