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Prioritize speed and teamwork over individual communication. Fast, secure, and easy to use
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400+ companies who perform better with Naranga

Send and receive messages and resources over a user-friendly platform

User-friendly chat app
Streamlined communication
Reliable instant messaging
SSL encrypted feature
Custom-generated channels
Specific groups
Purposeful shared view
Broadcast channels
Quick messages when you don’t want to type
Voice notes

Simplify your business operations through streamlined communication

Instantly Connect With Your Franchisees

Quick communication along with its professional and easy-to-use interface provides unique and understandable corporate chatting experience.

  • One-on-one communication
  • Group chat facility
  • Share documents, voice notes and videos
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Location-Based Activities Out of Conversations

Select participants and instantly generate ticket actions, and track the status of the generated ticket.

  • Initiate a solution center activity from a chat
  • Flexible replies/sub-replies feature
  • Toggle buttons to label confidential information
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Collaborate Via Flexible Channels

Keep all stakeholders in sync and let them share, communicate and engage with your franchise community through groups.

  • Group chats based on store’s status
  • Organized communication based on projects
  • Message broadcasts in channels
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How Naranga Solves Your Problems

Lead management

Attract potential franchisees and enhance the efficiency of sales team

Operations management

Onboard new franchisees, centralize visibility, maintain brand standards and more in one place

Online training

Brand standards above all. Connect and share training resources with your franchisees

Field Audits

Efficient solution to track, measure and correct inconsistencies. Fast and effortless
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Tried and Tested: Over 1000 Reviews

Naranga is highly rated by thousands of customers all over the world

“Simply the Best” 

Overall: Naranga is the only franchise development technology provider that was able to customize its system to meet all the needs of our organization. Their main competitors attempted to do so but were unable.  Pros: Extremely light, fast, versatile, mobile, and simple to use. Anything and everything we ever need is at our fingertips with this system.  Cons: It can take upwards of a month or two for new users to become fully familiar with all the system’s features.  Recommendations to other buyers: We’ve been in this industry for almost 17 years and, in our observation, Naranga is simply the best of its kind. 
Natalie C.
Executive Vice President

“Fantastic product and people” 

Pros: As a franchise startup, it’s imperative we have a vendor for our operations that can customize as we grow. Naranga/nCompass has surpassed expectations and enabled us to streamline operations, communication, on-boarding processes, and house information in an easily accessible way for our franchise owners. We look forward to utilizing more of the features in the near future.  Cons: Nothing comes to mind. The team has been very professional and timely with everything from responses to questions and customizations to ensure the software is well suited to our needs. 
Laura A.
Corporate Strategist/CMO
“We initially met Naranga at IFA earlier this year. We were impressed with the simple and intuitive interface of all solutions, and that they could provide us a one-stop shop for many facets of operating our business.” 
John Bornoty
Project Manager, The Big Salad

“The future of location management software is Naranga!” 

Overall: Our prior solution seemed to be stuck in the 90s. It worked, but it wasn’t forward-thinking. Naranga gets us current immediately and we can see that they are blazing a new trail for the future of location management. With our prior solution, we weren’t large enough to be heard but with Naranga, they listen to our needs and provide solutions in a timely manner….this is refreshing and exciting!  Pros: It offers so many more options than we were accustomed to and for a price that we could embrace.  Cons: It is a change from our prior solution. Changing from how you’ve always done something to now doing it differently is an adjustment, but one that we were ready and excited to make. Change is good, not easy! 
Michael M.
Franchise Sales & Development Manager

“My experience with Narnaga has been nothing but positive since our first demo.”

Pros: The thing I like most about Naranaga is that it provides the Broken Yolk Café with a comprehensive communication platform that allows all departments to stay connected with all of our franchise owners and their locations. With a single software platform, our corporate team is able to better communicate new company programs, better analyze Brand Standard Quality Assurance Checklists, while building an overall training program focused on increasing our results.  Cons: The challenge comes in changing the way we communicate as a company. We implemented Naranga just after the opening of our 30th location. Changing is never easy, but the sooner the better. I am confident that with Naranga as our communication platform, we are now wet up to increase the relationship between our Corporate Teams, and our Franchise owners and their locations.
Mark K.
National Director of Operations

“Naranga is the new Orange” 

Overall: I had worked with Naranga on a project for another franchise. I was impressed by the great support I received. I was offered a new project with Toro Taxes to grow and review their infrastructure. I needed one vendor for multiple solutions. with streamlined processes. I called on Naranga! Their superb on-boarding process was exceptional and they were all very patient with our staff during the transition. If you are looking for optimal performance from a company, with truth and professionalism, Naranga is a choice! 
Louie P.
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Frenquently Asked Questions

Our pricing is fully customizable and depends on the amount of features you would like to use. Also a number of your locations matters. Check all the details with our Sales Manager.

Yes, you can. Using our functionality you will be able to track and manage all of the processes, and much more.

Usually it depends on the number of your franchisees and complexity of the integrations needed to be done. It might take around 3-4 weeks.

Of course, you can. Even more, you will have unlimited cloud storage with Naranga.

Unlimited and that is the best option. Our operations management system lets you have as many users as you would like to.

Yes, we have a feature which helps you to host a mini E-Comm store and manage your suppliers/vendors as well as all the orders/credits with simple clicks.

Our system sends both email notifications and home screen notifications on mobile phones to make sure you are always up to date.

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